Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Longest Night Ever...

Me blogging at such a time.. means something ya?

Well.. had a family(w/o dad.. he is slping!!) talk that started at 12am...

Words were spoken.. Tears were wept.. Promises were made...

I love my brothers despite who they are.. i really do..

I love my parents despite the constant nagging from mum and the few words from dad.. i really do..

I finally see some light at the end of the tunnel in this issue.. lets hope every party involved keep to their promise..

I think wats flowing out of me are what they call.... Tears of Joy..

Peace Out!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wats up ppl!

Recently.. i done something not tat ethical.. i know i shouldn't.. but i did anyway.. and after i did it.. i totally regret doing it... sometimes in life.. its better to be ignorant about stuff... ignorance is bliss like some would say...

but i guess.. knowing wat is happening.. which is the ugly truth is impt to me as a person.. i hate to be kept in the dark... =)

i think its abt time i make a decision... should i stay or should i go...

oh.. hurt my ankle in soccer 2 sundays ago.. totally suk man.. i really hope its a bad sprain.. and not a hairline fracture... zzzz... god bless me...

Peace Out!

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Garang Guni

What a crazy recess week... got my minor in entrepreneurship the entire week.. playing this business simulation game... pretty interesting.. lots of decisions and factors to consider.. gotta write a journal on the experience for grading purposes!

Am amazed at the person who started the business of Garang Guni.. He sees your waste as treasure.. as the saying goes.. "A person's waste is another's treasure!"

I guess in life.. its the same! Some people might treat you like shyt.. cos they dun see the value in u.. while others might treat you like a treasure.. cos they see the value in u!

So.. if people dun treasure you... that person dun deserve u... there will definitely be others who want and value u..

and even even even if..... no one treasures you... you gotta Treasure yourself... you are worth more than you think!

Peace Out!

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

To My Dear Phantom....

Haha.. Once again.. am really thankful that my bike didn't screw up in the middle of the expressway.. or in school... this time.. it couldn't start right at my hse's B1.. crazy man.. decided i wont go sch.. really crazy to go sch for 1.5 hrs.. while i travel for 3hrs.. dun make sense.. called the shop for help.. ask mi to push start.. tried.. FREAKing tiring.. tried many times.. failed.. alas.. succeeded.. quickly rode up the slope to my carpark.. once i am up! the engine died again.. haha! Ended up.. i push all the way to the bike shop.. which is relatively near.. damn tiring man.. spent my whole morning there.. they couldn't pin point the issue.. so kept checking here and there.. stripped the whole bike.. alas at 12+.. found the problem.. something spoiled.. replaced it.. gosh.. all this cost mi quite a bomb already...

last friday.. inspection (20) + spark plug+engine oil+cleaning the dunno wat+some rubber (55)..

Today... battery+the spoiled part (80).. damn pain.. damn pain...

Dear Phantom..

This year onwards, lets not visit that shop for any other purpose other than to change spark plug and engine oil ok?

riding you..

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Expectations =P

As a person, you will have alot of Expectations about everything and everyone...


1) Your expectations = Reality

You will be Happy!

2) Your expectations < Reality

Lagi (more for malay) Happy!!

3) Your expectations > Reality

You will be less Happy

Recently.. situation 3 happened to me.. been trying to lower my own expectations.. but i guess i need to lower it further to avoid being less happy.. =)

Today i volunteered to be one of the eight group leaders for my Entre course module EN104... to put it simply.. gonna have a business simulation game next next week.. www.marketplace6.com needed to chose the team members.. grp leaders were gathered in a rm to bid for the members u wanted.. highest bidder win.. omg right.. was damn damn exciting... more or less got who i wanted.. going to work with a very interesting grp of ppl.. got one Hari from India.. Joseph from China who owns a hotel apartment.. Cindy from SG owns a Eco tour agency... and Vincent from SG who apparently have his own business as well..

i am sure situation 2 will happen.. =)

Peace Out!

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Its a little whining.. haha..

AM so confused.. dunnno wats going on in her mind.. a moment yes... the next moment maybe... like wth.. say this.. but do tat... guess the heart and the mind dun often tally...

Jus when i thought i was able to forgive and forget and hope to start something new again.. you showed mi other wise... lift mi up to 10 storey then throw mi down again.. wth..

Guess forgiving and forgetting some idiots out there ain't that simple..

Disappointments come when your expectations dun match with reality.. guess i was expecting too much from you.. thought u would wanna give it another go..

Weeee.. ytd nite.. won $$ at Blackjack! WX's dad was damn kind la... =)

Think my stomach is super over worked... needa really give it a rest...

Peace Out!

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

CNY... watever...

Seriously dun have the CNY mood this year round.. nothin to look forward to..

Just decided i shall not get the CK watch.. jus cannot find ways to open that tight fist of mine.. =)

This yr round.. gonna have lots of 21st birthday to attend.. all the dragon gers in my NTU.. waste time waste money... will not splurge on others anymore.. fucking stupid.. totally regret spending my fortune on that stupid gift.. fuck dumb.. could have got myself tat CK watch and many other stuff... argh.. oh well.. all in the past.. jus wanna whine a little..

Oh.. saw a VERY BAD accident on PIE last nite ard 3am.. FUCKING BAD.. one of the car smashed onto the tree and stuck on it.. cfm is speeding... so all the drivers out there.. pls.. pls.. dun speed... dun race with others or wat so ever.. its really silly to do tat.. by speeding.. only save u tat few mins.. for wat? u put urself in such great risk...

Happy New Year to all!

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.”
- Mark Twain

Peace Out!

Posted at 12:51 PM

Monday, January 19, 2009

I need to give tuition man...

Saw this damn nice CK watch at bugis... but.. it cost $288.. WTH... sigh.. if only there is some huge discount.. jus so unwilling to pay that amt for a brand tat dun specialize in watches..

realised something abt myself.. when buying for someone else stuff.. price dun matter tat much.. but when it comes to my own stuff.. somehow price become a bigger issue.. love is blind...

Tried to put this screen protector on my mac.. failed terribly.. handphone one is easy.. cos its small.. try doing for laptop.. u will feel like blowing up man!

haha.. oh well.. am starin at this defect screen protector with 2 air bubble and strands of dust everywhere.. oh well.. nothin is perfect...

Nothin to look forward to lately... CNY got no appeal to me at all..

Peace Out..

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Get Comfortable with feeling Uncomfotable!

My communication tutor actually told us this while in class on thurs.. he mentioned that whenever you are feeling uncomfortable and nervous, its actually a good thing.. u r actually pushing yourself out of your own comfort zone. Only through this can u be a better person in all aspects..

so his advise to all of us...

"Get Comfortable with feeling Uncomfortable"
- Be at comfort at the fact that you are pushing yourself beyond ur limit to achieve more..

Peace Out!

Posted at 10:57 AM

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry XMas!

Wish everyone a Very Happy and Merry Christmas! Haven been blogging much.. am so darn busy with my minor in entrepreneurship.. haha.. busy bumble bee man.. every module last 5 working days.. and my team is expected to rush our project within a weeks time.. its kinda crazy... but damn fun! My group's pretty much the Slackest and the Funniest one around.. While everyone looks damn stressed out in class, we are happily making jokes and laughing our ass out at Russel Peters Video.. haha.. The whole class is nuts about him.. Go Watch if u have the time!

Oh.. i am using my MACBOOK now to blog this.. hahaha! Shall name my MacBook as Jason Junior! hahahahaa....

Satisfied with Life

Posted at 1:36 PM

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Operation "After So Long"

Yes! Time for Operation "After So Long" to commence.. Got to start gathering all the necessary resources now.. not much time left.. and i got OBS and minor coming up.. got to make sure i do this!!

Hmm.. u know.. during this whole period.. i really really believe that a guy and a ger can be genuinely good friends with no other ill intentions of getting close to them.. so amazing.. i used to believe that whenever a guy wanna get close to a ger.. there must be some ulterior motives.. but.. guess not!

Found some really good ger friends along my way in life.. Ginger.. Joanne.. Joanne.. Gina.. Trina.. They are amazing gers that stood by me in times of need.. am really glad to have them as my friends.. and i really hope to be able to keep them as friend for a long long time.. =)

Jason Out!

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Monday, November 24, 2008

I Am Finally Alive Again...

Yeah.. i guess.. after like 4 months of trying to revive myself.. i am finally alive again! Would really like to thank all the people who gave their support to me when i am tat low.. low... =)

Thanks To All The Nurses: Dave, Tong, Von, Louis, Weiliang, Lisa, Ian, Tony, My Bro, Desmond, NanAn, Darren, Ginger, Joanne, Joanne, Gina, Trina and Everyone who has helped me in a way or another!

And not forgetting.. Minz.. thanks for helping me to get over this whole incident.. am really really happy that things have finally ended the way that i would love it to be... still good friends after everything! tats wat we have talked about before isn't it.. =) But who knows wat the future have installed for us.. We might or might not cross path yet again.. but i am really glad we are still gd friends at the end of the day.. u can always be sure that i will be there for u if u need someone ya!

This 4 months was not easy AT ALL.. trust me.. haha.. i think the amount of tears in this 4 months is more than all the amount add together for the past of my 20+yrs of life... =X haha! But.. i guess... time will heal all wounds.. Time Shall Answer All..

ps: Minz.. try to not think of nasty stuff all the time.. it makes u such an angry person(Not pretty le...).. haha.. think of happy stuff! like the shopping u gonna do in HK!! The Rides u will be taking at Ocean Park and Disney!! The FOOD in HK(Sure DAMN BLOODY NICE LA!) and all the yandao HK guys! Think about the Fun u will get speaking in Canton! But i still think the food will make u happy.. haha!!! so shiok la! oh man.. salivating as i imagine u eating all those food... ARGH! =)




Jason Out!

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Posted at 10:16 PM

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Bloody Year!"

First, i dislocated my R Knee while playing soccer...

Next, my Heart got broken into Gazillion Pieces..

Then, I Cut my finger while washing my bike.. saw the flesh IN my finger.. got light headed.. thought i was gonna faint..

Now, I got bitten by a very nice looking Jack Russel.. totally caught off guard.. gosh.. and so lucky on my right hand.. oh well..

Hmm.. Exams have already started.. but.. i am totally not feeling any stress at all.. totally.. perhaps my mind is preoccupied with other matters.. i feel so "prepared" all the time.. and i feel i got nothing else to revise.. oh well.. guess its a good thing..

Love is amazing while it lasted..

**** Addict Out...

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Sunday, November 16, 2008






Thats the up and down of roller-coasters... Which abt sums up what i am going through right now...

Rly interesting...

Each time i try to figure out what is going on.. and the moment i thought i got it all figure out... i was proven wrong! Craps.. talk abt having an analytical mind..

Luckily.. i am rather prepared for tmr's TAX paper.. Cos.. i am spending most of my time now trying to figure out.. WHAT EXACTLY IS GOING ON.... Why is it not the way i thought it is.. Why does it always turn out the other way.. *Puzzled*

Guess i need more facts before doing my analysis... perhaps an interview would garner a different perspective..

OH man.. got to learn to keep my focus.. exams are here.. but wats on my mind is not Accounting or Law! Craps.. IF only we can manually select wat goes on in our mind.. but too bad.. there is no such thing right now.. Jus got to live with all the distractions while revising at the same time.. good training..

Talk Cock, Sing Song, Play Mahjong!


**** Addict Out...

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Posted at 10:29 PM

Friday, November 14, 2008


Shows are Shows..
And they will always be shows..

I Thought..
I Tried..
I Failed..




ps: JASON, Finish wat u started.. You can try to forgive and forget.. you can try...
ppss: JASON, Quit being an IDIOT!!!


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Posted at 11:58 PM


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